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We are

an NGO defending the
freedom of information

Digital Safety?

You should truly care. The NYT has been the target of "maybe chinese" hackers towards the end of 2012. If the Gray Lady and her 1200 journalists couldn't protect herself, how can you?

The Basics

The most destructive virus sits between the keyboard and the chair

Avoid prying eyes

windows firewall
windows firewall


How secure is your password?

Who wants to try?


Forget about password. Use Passphrases.

Never use the same passphrase twice.
If you need some help, use password manager such as lastpass or onepassword.
Or write it down (yes you can).

That being said, Maybe you should check if you need to change some passwords...

Traces left on your computer

There are many traces left on your computer: browsing history, cookies, stored passwords, file history, chat logs, emails, apps history, etc.


I can read your email

wifi desktop

To avoid interception, use


A smartphone is a computer. Everything already mentionned is also true for a spyphone smartphone. Use a dumbphone instead. Or have a look at the Guardian Project apps, Signal , Wickr or Wire .

wifi iphone 1
Image by In 30 Minutes guides under CC 2.0 licence

Active communication

Device in standby mode

A lot of softwares can turn a cellphone into a microphone bug. However, it has to be installed on the cellphone.

Device off

The battery is still providing power to the cell phone. With the help of the telephone operator, who can access the Application Protocol Data Unit (packets sent to the SIM card), it can still be activated.

Battery removed

No battery, no power, no signal, no spying.
In my fridge ← Snowden

Note : you can't remove your iPhone battery

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